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The following types of telephones are available for guests, meeting and convention service and administrative staff. Please advise your Catering/Event Manager if you need the use of a phone for your program.
House phones
Used for in-house, local cell phones - $1.00 per minute and
lo9cal land lines - $.50 per minute. Toll-free calls - $3.00 one time charge
for each connection
The installation fee is $200.00 plus price of all calls.  DID lines can be used for Long Distance, minimal PC and fax can work as well.
The following
are enhancements that can be added to a DID Line:
Speaker Phone
@ $75.00 per day, hardware rental only, price does not include phone line.
 B1 Telephone Lines
Outside line,
not connected to the hotel switchboard. (Dedicated Number)
This line should be ordered when a client requires continuous use for PC, faxing or will
be using the phone to make outside calls on a constant basis.
Please contact your Event/Catering Manager
Internet Access
Please contact your Event/Catering Manager
Guest Room Calls
Type of Call                     Instructions                              Rates
EMERGENCY                Dial ‘0’ for assistance                           No Charge
Room to Room                                                                               No Charge
Local   Cell Phone         9+Number                                      Local Rate $1.00 per minute
Local   Land line            9+Number                                      Local Rate $.50 per minute
800/888/8xx toll free     9+2+Number                                One time charge of $3.00 per                                                                                                minute for each connection

Long Distance              9+2+Number                                 US, Canada $3.75 per minute

International                  9+011+CC+CC+Number       Other parts of the world $4.50 per                                                                                          minute
Local, Long Distance and International Calls will be billed to your account only when
the call is answered.
Applicable Taxes will be added  Rates subject to change.
You may dial ‘0’ for the further assistance from the hotel operator
Voice Mail
To hear messages, if the red light is flashing on your guest room telephone:
1.Lift the receiver
2.Press MESSAGE key.
3.Follow recorded instructions.
Should you require assistance while using Voice Mail, simply press the “*” key at any

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